Richmond Club Master Plan

Connecting Community

The heart of the Hawkesbury area, the Richmond Club is proud to support our multigenerational community, integrating hospitality and entertainment facilities, health
and wellness services and lifestyle amenities.

Through Hawkesbury Living, we are driving a ‘healthy community’ Master Plan concept, where people of all ages can live and work in the same community.

For the past 13 years, we’ve been working on a five-stage plan to prepare for the growing demand for quality aged and dementia care in our region. Hawkesbury Living delivers first-rate care services in a caring and inclusive environment, so our aging residents can remain connected within our community, and whichever community they came from.

The Club’s inclusive Model of Care, focuses on ‘aging in place’; wellness rather than illness, provision of local access to health care, and alternative lifestyle choices to traditional-aged care models.

The opening of Rivera Place in June 2019 is the third stage of the master vision, with the next phase including the development of a retirement community adjacent to the Club and co-located within a village square, additional residential aged care facility, childcare facility, and new bowling green.

New residents’ families will be able to enjoy all services our main club has to offer, including our PGA-rated Richmond Golf Course, Wanderest Travellers Park, $1.3m Arcadia children’s entertainment centre and the soon-to-be-constructed 121-room hotel, perfect for families who need to travel to visit their relatives.

We’re also active in many other health initiatives across our region to promote social inclusion and improve health services for our elderly. Together we are creating positive and sustainable change, continuing our legacy of pride and belonging for our Richmond community.

We are creating a place for everyone, where there will always be, … a place for you.

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