Memory Care

Our commitment to specialised memory care is part of an ongoing plan to address the issue of dementia in the community. There are almost 280,000 Australians living with dementia, with that number expected to rise to almost 1 million by 2050.

As well as sensory and tactile areas to help stimulate the mind, our residents also benefit from an increased link with the local community, a positive living environment and a stronger sense of social inclusion. Our memory care spaces are designed to be ‘homely’ which creates a settling and comfortable atmosphere for our residents.

• 24 hour Registered Nurse on site
• Registered Nurses and Clinical Care Manager with extensive training in oncology
and pain management
• Registered Nurses with specialist training in managing challenging behaviours
• Provision of sub-acute facilities e.g. IV antibiotics, cannulation instead of transfer to
hospital for these treatments
• Creating Memory Program - creating memories with resident and their family
• State of the art nurse call monitoring system in every room

Access to specialist services:

• Health: dementia support services, geriatricians, palliative care specialist, specialist
mental health services who can provide training and support to staff for individual
• Allied health: physiotherapist, optometrist, podiatrist, speech pathologist, dietitian,
dentist, audiologist
• Virtual Aged Care Services Nepean Hospital (avoids waiting in Emergency
• Aged Care Consultant
• Family counselling services